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We leverage extensive executive management experience through a global network of strategic business partners and consultants to provide a state-of-the-art framework for the development, sales, marketing, and distribution of consumer products.

Consulting for Consumer Products

A cutting-edge resource provider that can accelerate time to market for your consumer products.

Innovative Technologies

Innovative, patented technology to expand your consumer product line in the global marketplace.

Patented Technologies

Portable, Cordless Heat

Advanced Heating with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

Controllable, Disposable, Portable Warmers

Finally! Controllable comfort when using disposable heat packs

Advanced Heating with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Technology + Portability = Personal Comfort

Tap into the Global Consumer Marketplace

With our global network of business partners, Schawbel provides the right people at the right place and time to seize market opportunities.


Bringing innovative technology into the global footwear market

Schawbel has partnered with Muirhead Innovation Group to market its swivel midsole technology, a “game-changer” in safety and wellness in the footwear industry! This patented design can be incorporated into a wide variety of footwear across a broad spectrum of applications – industrial, athletic, and general consumer. Helps protect with every step!

An Innovative Approach to Philanthropy

Philanthropy is more than doing good by donating money to charity. It should be viewed as making investments with positive, long-term, and sustainable impacts. To continue his 50+ years of funding these types of investments, Bill Schaawbel has created a fiduciary foundation that shares the profits from his companies and supports charitable causes that focus on Education, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship.