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Schawbel Group is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on all aspects of consumer products through a seasoned staff of professionals who are globally located.  Schawbel provides the right people, at the right place and time, to allow its clients to seize market opportunities.  


Through an organization of over 100 top notch, seasoned, and globally located professionals, Schawbel has the expertise and depth to assist clients through product design and development, prototyping, and patent filing.  The firm can, through in-depth research, evaluate global market opportunities and develop tactical business plans to evaluate the viability of those opportunities.  Schawbel builds scalable and sustainable businesses through their accelerated proven methods.  Schawbel can execute these plans as a seamless extension of the client’s capabilities by providing resources in all critical areas including Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Control, Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Support, Supply Chain Management, and General Business Management. 


With seasoned professionals utilizing their 25+ years of hands-on experience across all aspects of consumer products, Schawbel provides all-inclusive support to clients.  Most importantly, the firm not only identifies business problems, but also orchestrates implementation of solutions to meet the client’s specific needs.  

  • The majority of consultants are active in the marketplace as board
    members, investors, professors, lecturers, and are members in
    professional related organizations.
  • Distinctive Commonalities:
    • Vast industry and business experience in companies of all sizes,
      stages of growth, and types of ownership – public, private, or family
      owned and operated
    • Ability to take difficult, complex sets of business issues and rapidly being able to define viable, implementable alternatives
    • Provide global experience with local presence
    • Strong business ethics

Schawbel offers the value and excellence of a top consulting firm at affordable, milestone driven fees.



Schawbel Group has access to highly experienced consultants, and a network of recently retired CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Engineering VP’s, and Marketing/Sales VP’s in a wide range of product and services categories, including personal care, health care, housewares, hardware, etc.  Schawbel also collaborates with over 15 Asian and European based factories with on-the-ground English-speaking engineers. The company has the ability to “plug and play” resources as an engagement evolves to reduce time to market.

Schawbel’s process can simultaneously deploy resources in various consumer related disciplines.  Using its globally based pool of consultants, the company has been able to complete product market research, engineering reviews of products, and tactical sales and marketing interactively.  This ability to reduce the timelines on the introduction and implementation of consumer products and services allows the client to achieve results at the accelerated pace required in today’s marketplace and at a much lower investment.  Schawbel uses proven real-world concepts, allowing adaptation to each client’s situation.  The firm builds from the bottom up, for each client based on their needs, timing, and available funding.  As a result, clients benefit from the vast experience the company has accumulated in the complex consumer world in a customizable fashion.

Schawbel also utilizes a modular approach to their work structure, which allows a client to see actionable results in a limited period.  Each module or phase is a standalone, allowing for client’s input and feedback before proceeding to the next phase.

Personalized project management techniques allow for various touch points during a phase of a project so that adjustments made are “real time” based on the work product results. 


We are committed to being a best-in-class partner to our clients.  Our worldwide network of 100+ seasoned executives and professionals has vast experience in all aspects of consumer products, including Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Offshore Manufacturing, and Engineering, as well as philanthropic fundraising and management.

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Schawbel’s client base ranges from start-up organizations to multi-national companies with global businesses.  In many instances, these multi-national operations look to Schawbel to execute new growth plans while keeping existing management focused on core business activities.  Schawbel also works with nonprofit organizations to create sustainable revenue sources by offering pro bono and fee-based consulting services.


  • Over 85% of Schawbel’s client engagements are from referrals with over 50% of initial engagements leading to additional project work.
  • Engagements longer than 90 days are modularized with associated fixed fees for a consultant’s time along with key milestones.
  • Fees for project work have ranged from $12,000 to $3,000,000 – wide range reflects size, duration, and complexity of the work required.
  • Payment of fees has ranged from standard payments, to a combination of fees plus commissions and/or success bonuses, to equity in a given company for the value of work completed.

Engagements to date include all aspects of consumer products and services and have included engineering, product design and packaging, patent review, sales and marketing strategy and implementation, product line nationalization, sourcing, supply chain strategy and management, and regulatory review and ongoing management.

Several clients have created a “virtual company” in that Schawbel staffed all functions of the client’s division/company, allowing for rapid deployment of resources with no fixed expenses; a true “try before you hire” investment model.


  • Structured and managed company divisions to test market new products/services.
  • Developed software application and market launch of a personalized nutritional wellness consumer product offering within timeline and budget.
  • Conducted process and cost restructuring of procurement and warehousing for the largest outdoor distributor in North America exceeding the client’s targeted savings.
  • Achieved manufacturing cost downs of products by leveraging offshore outsourcing of consumer products – savings ranged from 15 to 30%.
  • Conducted due diligence on a United Kingdom public company, resulting in a $3 million savings to the client.
  • Conducted numerous consumer market research in the United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, and India for a variety of consumer products and professional services, and managing the launch of products in China and India.
  • Augmented management of client organizations in the role of CFO, COO, Product Development and Divisional President for assignments ranging from 90 days to one year.
  • Extended product lines to increase corporation’s market value within 12 months by 20%.
  • Functioned in a lead role in the business preparations for the sale of a private company, including broker selection, development of a multi-year business plan, acquisition prospects review and vetting, and facilitating meetings with potential buyers.  Sale of business to VC’s negotiated at 8 times earnings.
  • Created a US subsidiary for the world’s largest lighter company, managing all aspects of the business from development, branding and packaging, manufacturing, sales and marketing, warehousing and logistics, to customer accounting and treasury.  Achieved product placement in Rite-Aid and Bed, Bath and Beyond within 2 years from conception.
  • Launched a heated products line business managing product development, manufacturing, and operations.  Was able to secure 61 patents with distribution in seven countries and scaled revenue to $10 million.