Sanjay Nagi Bio

Sanjay Nagi


With over thirty-three years’ experience in the consumer product industry, Sanjay considers himself a serial entrepreneur.  He is a visionary able to anticipate market trends.  In the Indian consumer marketplace, he assists companies of all sizes to anticipate future consumer needs and develop metrics for objective assessment of external and internal situations to use as a basis for sustained change in their business approach.  He has guided and facilitated the entry of over fifty foreign companies into India and has helped large organizations such as Satyam Computer Services Limited, Taj Group, and Godrej Group improve their internal business processes.  His ability to develop frameworks to improve communications in large organizations has enabled him to act as a catalyst for change in these organizations.  He leverages his vast knowledge of both market and internal organizational behavior to contribute to lasting impact on business structures, processes and competencies.  Sanjay fits in easily within the business organization and makes change happen by involving, endearing, and encouraging.  He is able to develop tailor made contexts and alternate scenario modeling for different business issues.

CBI Netherlands selected Sanjay for their Train the Trainers program where he became one of three Master Trainers.  Based on this training, he is qualified to train and consult in helping facilitate trade between Europe and India.  He has trained companies under platforms of CII, IEEMA, ELCINA, PHD Chamber, FISME aside of his own firm – Market Insight Consultants (  Sanjay has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Roorkee.