Smart Fuel Cell

Building on 35+ years of engineering knowledge in the butane powered appliance business, Schawbel has been able to marry this technology with advanced electronics.  Earlier ThermaCELL Butane products had operation issues related to temperature range, energy output limitations, and lacked consumer “ease of use” features such as automatic turn-on and ability to monitor gas cartridge’s fuel level.  The newly developed and patented smart fuel cell technology offers these advanced features along with additional capabilities.

  • Uses an enhanced fuel cell (cartridge) made of polymer housing with a blended gas mixture and a proprietary connector
  • Various sizes of cartridges available
  • Generates the precise heat through a patented combination of a microprocessor, motion sensors, a regulator that controls, meters, and vaporizes the gas mixture, and an automatic ignition that emits a precise mixture of air to gas in an odorless combustion in a flame arrested chamber which allows for:
    • Cordless energy
    • Operating at subzero temperatures
    • Monitoring gas cartridge level
    • Automatic shut off

Product Opportunities

  • Cordless/Portable technology has broad applications across a number of consumer and professional product categories
    • Hair and Personal Care
    • Kitchen Sterilization
    • Food Preparation
    • Healthcare Related Products
    • Emergency/Safety Related Products (non-medical)
    • Medical Emergency (in the field)