Veronica Zsolcsak Bio

Veronica Zsolcsak


Veronica Zsolcsak, President of Schawbel Group, LLC, has over forty years of financial and business operations experience, including positions as Chief Financial and Operations Officer for publicly held corporations.  Her previous industry experience includes manufacturing, software services, consulting, and healthcare services.

Prior to joining Schawbel, Veronica was CFO and Treasurer for Health Gate Data Corp..  She also held similar positions at Infinium, Inc. and Renaissance Worldwide, Inc., Town & Country Corporation, and DRI/McGraw-Hill.  Earlier in her career, she held senior financial positions at Wang Laboratories and Digital Equipment Corporation building on her manufacturing and financial experience at General Tire and Rubber Company.  Veronica has extensive experience in all aspects of business strategic planning, tactical implementation, operations, and finance.  She recognizes that the ever-changing competitive market environment requires continuous innovations and adaptations of companies along with solid and sound leadership skills.  She has been able to provide clarity and influence positive change in her various positions.

Over the past five years, she led the product development efforts for the ThermaCELL Heated Products line at Schawbel and is named on forty-two patent filings, which reflect her creativity and ability to lead product development activities.  She also orchestrated the recent licensing agreement with Heat Factory USA for this product line.

As President of Schawbel Group, she oversees the consumer consulting business where she has managed over fifty client projects that have covered companies ranging in size from start-ups to $14 billion in revenue through Schawbel’s globally positioned consulting organization.  She is responsible for the selection of resources on projects, development of client contracts, and review and sign off on all completed projects.

Veronica earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Economics from Waynesburg University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Western New England University.  Veronica is a member and regional head of Adam Global, a network of independent firms providing corporate services.  She is also an advisory board member for Fitchburg University’s Business Administration Department and sits on their CS and CIS Industry Board.  She has also attended the Kellogg Women’s Director Development Program at Northwestern University.